Fried green tomatoes in England

english-fried-green-tomatoesMy article, “In Tomato Fields“, tells the story of the ‘Jersey tomato’ in its heyday, during the years when my sisters and I were growing up surrounded by fields of them. It relates how the collective memory of those who loved it and lamented its loss is helping to bring back some flavour to a much-abused staple of our tables.

Fresh tomatoes, ripened in the sun, are a reason to live.  But green tomatoes, and I mean really green, without any pink at all, are another blessing bestowed by this wonderful plant when sliced and fried in some cornmeal, served with fried chicken or just on their own. They are a treat that always, always, brings me back to my childhood and my mother’s cooking, with her cast-iron skillet.

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In Tomato Fields

jersey tomatoesSeptember in southern New Jersey is invariably hot and humid, the remnants of August’s dog days hanging on, tenacious and ornery.  It is the time when the tomato fields that bordered our house in rural Mickleton began to take on the smell of post-harvest rot that would grow to a reek, then dwindle as the nights cooled, and disappear at last when the remains were ploughed under.  It is a distinctive smell that lurks at the edge of my memory.  I haven’t smelled it since, but I would instantly recognise it.  I don’t miss it, but the echo of it evokes sadness for something I do miss. [Read More…]

Cambridge in August: tomato prosciutto tart and raspberry dacquoise

Crumbs on the Table Tomato Proscuitto Tart before baking[This article is one of a series of Crumbs on the Table  monthly food columns published in Weekend  (editor, Alice Ryan), the Saturday supplement of the Cambridge News.  This August column ponders what makes sustainable farming sustainable, and offers recipes for a vibrant late-summer Tomato Prosciutto Tart, and a splendid Raspberry Dacquoise: a nut meringue filled with cream and fresh berries.]

CrumbsontheTable ProscTomTart

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